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Welcome to annual Conference of Legal Psychology ‘Domestic violence cause, consequences and management, Mykolas Romeris university, Vilnius. This year conference is organised collaborating with Association Vilnius Women’s House.

Domestic violence phenomenon is not only adverse experience for individuals, but it is also an important social and political issue in Lithuania and all over the world. However, the legislation of Domestic violence issues since 2011 in Lithuania are facing a lot of challenges.

The main goals of this conference is to initiate, support and strengthen collaboration between scientists and practitioners investigating the phenomenon of domestic violence, to present interdisciplinary approaches addressing domestic violence and to introduce the practitioners with evidence based practice: identification of domestic violence cases (risk assessment methodologies and instruments), its management, and best regulation practice in this area.

The content of the conference is related to four main topics: the causes, dynamics and future trends of domestic violence concept in scientific studies and legal system; domestic violence assessment instruments; good domestic violence management practice; the need of cooperation between professionals working in domestic violence area. These topics will be covered by speakers, presenting and analyzing patterns of domestic violence and the results of research as well as effective practices. The main challenges in addressing domestic violence at national and global levels will be discussed.

We hope that you will enjoy the beauty of Lithuania and the charming atmosphere of historical city of Vilnius.

Looking forward to meeting you in Vilnius!

The Conference Organizing Committee


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